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Study with Precision was Created for
Motivated Pre-Med Students Who…

Feel Stressed

We teach them exactly what to do, when to do it, and how – so they get great grades, with less stress and more free time.

Want an Edge

We teach them efficient, evidence-based strategies drawn from educational neuroscience – so they can compete effectively for top spots.

What Others Are Saying:

"The strategies in this book allowed me to manage my time and learn information in a way that was organized and easy to recall. I built a strong foundation of good study habits that I continued to use throughout college. Some of my favorite strategies were learning to how to take structured notes and the benefits of using a planner throughout the day as a guide for my classes, assignments and life. I became a well-rounded student, doing well in my studies and also having time for fun!"

- Chinormso D.

"When it comes to study habits, I have personally discovered it takes more than a day, week or even month to really change how one looks at studying. It took trying all the wrong ways to find out the right way for me. Using the strategies in this book, I see a complete change in my attitude this semester. I enjoy studying now! I love that I know the material, and I am not just regurgitating something I have memorized. Learning how to analyze, discover and then organize is the key."

- Ashley W.

"There may not be a silver bullet for studying, but there are methods to study efficiently and effectively. The strategies in this book were vital to my success as a pre-medical (and now medical) student. I would recommend Six Steps to anyone who wants balance in life. There is a picture of triangle that says pick one: good grades, social life, or sleep. Well I can personally attest that with this book you can pick all three."

- Renny V.

"The book is very entertaining and informative! It is backed by decades of research and sprinkled with little quips. Six Steps walks the student through an easy transition to more effective study habits that will prepare her for success through college and into the workforce – or continued studies. I wish I had known these methods sooner!"

- Jennifer R.

"Before I went to college I thought I was studying correctly. In high school I simply crammed and still set the curve on exams. It was not until I embarked on my college journey as a Biology/Pre-Med student that I finally met my match. The learning strategies in this book taught me time management, a skill that students commonly overlook and never apply into their daily study habits. Most notably it helped me achieve my goal of entrance into medical school. As I had an overabundance of MCAT study materials, I learned how to study efficiently and commit the information to long-term memory. Thanks to implementing the tools I learned, I was able to increase my MCAT score by six points."

- Elizabeth E.

"The authors are well-versed, very patient, and quite knowledgeable. Students who work with them master the skills of long-term retention, problem solving, and critical thinking. Too many institutions do little more than teach students to pass examinations.

Straker and Kelman have developed a system that helps students truly learn, and succeed, for the long term.”

- Dr. Ronald Johnson, DDS

The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston; University of Pittsburgh Legacy Laureate and Distinguished Alumnus from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine

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